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Welcome to Admiral Driving School, the renowned driving lesson provider in Leeds. Being one of the excellent Driving Schools, the courses are designed to meet your specifications. Even if you wish to apply for an intensive Driving Lesson, we strongly advise that you take the opportunity to let the best driving instructors assist you. From imparting road safety lessons to advance driving lessons, the instructors help you gain confidence while driving.

Perfection can be achieved with time. Hence, our driving lessons are specially designed in order to develop your skills flawlessly. Our efficient driving lesson provider helps you to drive fearlessly since the first day behind the wheels. The great learning experience offered by the driving school makes nervous first timers steady. Along with improved reflexes, you will be able to anticipate any hazard that will come along your way. After all, anticipation is your most powerful weapon while driving.

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We are situated in Leeds and we can provide a quality service across Leeds and many of the surrounding areas. For a trusted driving instructor in Leeds look no further than Admiral Driving School and call us on: 0770 355 0543 .

The driving school boasts about having years of potential experience with a wide variety of courses. The instructors offer pass plus lesson which is considered the best way to offer an additional driving experience to a qualified learner. After learning all the details about the standard driving test, these courses help the riders gain confidence to drive on their own and increase their experience while driving on the road. Some of the specialised training offered are-

  • Refresher driving lessons
  • Pass plus lessons
  • Motorway driving lesson
  • Experienced or Advance Driving lesson

Practice makes you a better driver and thus the instructors offer those few extra lessons even after you have passed your test. It’s time that you shed your fears and learn to take control of your ride.