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Why Manual Cars Won’t Die Away So Soon?

Why Manual Cars Won’t Die Away So Soon?

Why Manual Cars Won’t Die Away So Soon?

The United Kingdom has been the most reluctant in embracing the trend of automatic transmission cars. However, the resistance is now slowly shifting to its nadir as the stick-free cars are turning mainstream here.

So what is it with manual cars that made them prevail over the techno-rich and modern automatic counterparts? Have you ever wondered why people still take up driving lessons to learn driving manual cars instead of going free with an automatic?

Here are some reasons why most people still prefer manual cars and why they won’t run out of vogue from the market any time soon

Manual Cars vs. Automatic Cars

More freedom

A manual gearbox-driven car offers better control to the driver. Normally, if you are buying a base model car with automatic gearbox, you wouldn’t get driving modes. Hence, if you are accustomed to driving either with high engine RPM (or low RPM) on a manual car, the automatic won’t offer that benefit. An automatic car judges the speed and engine RPM and takes up the next gear on its own. Hence, if you like pushing the tachometer higher, automatic variants won’t breed that joy in you.

More affordable

Automatic gearboxes cause the manufacturer a higher cost of production. However, the orthodox manual transmission units don’t cost as much as the newer counterpart. This helps in bringing the production cost down.

More frugal

Considering every aspect remains the same (power, engine capacity and make), a manual transmission consumes lot less fuel compared to an automatic.

Is there an anything you need to know?


Despite being slightly better than the newer technology in terms of the convenience installed, manual transmission has its own shortcomings. Typically, learning how to drive a manual car is slightly difficult as handling the clutch, accelerator and gear simultaneously is often difficult for beginners. In such cases, there are bigger chances of the car stalling.

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